About me

An Uninspired Bio

Who is this Christine Munro anyway?

Christine is variously a cook, lover of curry, somewhat inept bass player, videogame addict, tinkerer and collector of shoes. She also likes swords and is very clumsy.

She graduated from The University of Hertfordshire ahem, Hatfield Polytechnic in the late 1980s and has worked as a Unix sysadmin and C programmer since, with various diversions into networking and web design. She loves her job and hates commuting.

Christine lives in central England with her girlfriend; they met in 1999. Currently they have no cats, which is not good.

As bios go, that's admittedly rather pitiful, but it'll have to do you for now. In the meantime, here're some pictures, since that's all anyone's usually interested in anyway!

Mugshot gallery

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